pots plastiques pepinieres


Plastic pots plants, Trays, Containers, Horticultural bowls, Jars, Windows boxes, Baskets,
plastic flower pots, plastic nursery pots
Horticulture and tree-nurseries, Factory direct sale

We offer you a wide panel of trays, plastic containers and plastic pots, with a capacity going from 1 liter to 130 liters for horticulture market gardening and tree-nursery. Our range also contains a set of pots, bowls and ornemental hangings :

  Trays, bowls, plastic pots for horticulture  
  Containeurs, jars, plastic bins for tree-nursery  
  Pots, plastic window boxes for mass marketing.  
  Containers 'without holes' for florists and mass marketing  

We are located in France, more precisely in the Jura, we distribute all our 'direct factory' models in all the countries. However, we work in collaboration with local distributors in Belgium, France and Poland.

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